6 Aspects to Consider Before Selecting Scan to BIM Company

Consider these 6 Points before hiring a Scan to BIM company. Bimsrv, a scan to BIM outsourcing partner provide a wide range of BIM modeling solutions.

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Manual sketches and modelling have ceased to be useful with digitization. BIM virtual design and construction have been embraced as a more efficient and organized way of modelling. BIM is the engine that has transformed the architecture and construction industries to a new level. Research shows that the BIM market is expected to reach $4,210 million by 2024.
A majority of AEC firms are now using BIM to help them with their building projects as they realize the importance of BIM. Implementing BIM can be difficult for companies as it requires great skills and knowledge. BIM is a booming market, and there are numerous BIM service providers. So why not outsource BIM services to experts?

How to Hire a BIM Team Successfully?

It is a big decision to hire a team for BIM services. Finding the right BIM partner is challenging. Many companies offer BIM outsourcing services that claim to have reached several milestones or impressive portfolios. To avoid construction problems and project losses, later on, it is important to evaluate the offshore BIM company carefully.

Depending on your project requirements and budget, you can hire either in-house or outsource. It’s not just about the cost of the scan to bim services but also the impact on your business processes. A BIM service provider that is reliable and trustworthy can help your team work more efficiently and make better decisions about construction and design projects.

Points to consider before hiring Scan to BIM company

  • Relevant Experience

Knowing how long a potential BIM provider has existed and how many years they have been providing the exact services you need is important.
You should first review their portfolio. Detail the services they have provided for these projects and any claims. If you are a subcontractor seeking someone to assist with BIM coordination, it is best to hire a provider with experience in BIM design. A provider must have experience in “BIM construction”.
Everyone will most likely claim 3D. Most people have yet to gain real lifecycle experience. Ask for a specific scope based on the past experiences your prospect has had.

  • Check For Their Time Frames

You must consider the time when outsourcing scans to bim companies. It is important to meet deadlines in construction because BIM modelling, the main step in building any structure, is critical. Make sure you only work with modelling firms that are punctual and adhere to deadlines. You can verify their claims regarding timely project delivery by looking at the testimonials or Google reviews.

  • Check Costings

It takes a lot of effort and knowledge to execute a successful BIM. This is why it is crucial to establish a fair price for the services delivered and their resource usage. You should not let the low-cost BIM outsourcing company fool you. They might need to be qualified and may compromise on the quality of the services. Make sure you choose the expertise with a realistic pricing strategy that suits your budget.

  • Check for their references

You can verify the facts and check the claims. References can be sourced from both past and present clients. A sound word-of-mouth reference can help in decision-making. Most reliable and authentic feedback comes from returning clients or new customers. The company’s performance in project execution, quality, and adherence to deadlines can be inspected. It is possible to assess the company’s strength and identify the issues and difficulties they face in completing the task.

  • Quality standards & accreditations

Quality standards & accreditations are vital components of the AEC projects that must be considered. A laser scan to bim service should follow all the quality standards necessary for a project, considering the local government and building by-laws. It is better to tie up with a firm having all the required certifications and accreditations per the laws, such as certifications for safety, certifications for quality, etc., to avoid any problems.

  • Clear Communication

This is especially important when outsourcing. Being fluent in the terminologies of the project manager and those on the technical team is crucial. With a single language of communication, it will be possible to understand your vision and bring it to life. This could cause a lot of information to be lost in translation and negatively impact the final product.


Before deciding to outsource BIM, make sure you understand your expectations. How do you determine the result you want?

Bimsrv, a scan to BIM outsourcing partner, has been serving the industry’s needs since 2003. We provide a wide range of BIM modelling solutions. We can support 3D and point cloud to 3D conversions and Revit modelling services.

Bimsrv is a company that focuses on the individual needs of each client or project. We believe in addressing real challenges and will ensure that the process is well-coordinated, smooth, and efficient.

Using our vast engineering talent pool, we work closely with our customers to find bespoke solutions for their business needs. We work with your culture and processes in order to build a strong partnership that will deliver long-term engineering solutions and business strategies.


What is Scan to BIM companies?

Businesses that specialize in creating 3D Building Information Models (BIM) from point clouds of data gathered through laser scanning, photogrammetry, or other techniques are known as scan-to-BIM companies. Specialized software tools are required to develop a virtual building or structure model that may be utilized for design, construction, and facility management reasons.

What services do Scan to BIM companies offer?

Companies specializing in scanning to BIM provide various services to clients in the construction, engineering, and architecture sectors. These services include 4D scheduling, clash detection, 3D laser scanning, point cloud processing, BIM modeling, and construction documentation. Project management and consulting services may also be offered by Scan to BIM firms to clients to assist them in getting the maximum out of BIM technology.

How do Scan to BIM companies convert point cloud data into BIM models?

Scan to BIM businesses turn point cloud data into BIM models using specialized software like Autodesk. It entails importing the point cloud data, processing it, and then utilizing BIM software tools to produce a 3D model. Machine learning techniques may also be used by scan to BIM firms to automate specific steps in the modeling process and increase precision.

How do Scan to BIM companies ensure the security of project data?

Companies that offer scan-to-BIM services take security and data protection seriously and use a range of safeguards to protect project data. Using secure data transmission protocols, encrypting data both in transit and at rest, and limiting access to data to those who need to know are some examples of how to do this. Scan-to-BIM businesses can also share and store project data on safe cloud-based systems.

What software do Scan to BIM companies use for modelling?

Modelling software used by scan to BIM businesses includes Autodesk. The project’s unique requirements and the scan-to-bim modelling team’s experience level influence software selection.


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