How We Work?

90% Accuracy Guarantee!*

BimSrv’s work process is flexible and is customized for each Client. Typically, BimSrv develops a long term continuing professional relations with each Client. In this process, we can customize work methods, Templates, Libraries and so on, that helps us deliver high quality work that meets a Client’s Office Standards. Often, these office standards are further developed jointly and eventually become applicable to Client’s office as well as for BimSrv.

BimSrv Guarantees 90% accuracy!*

  • Graduate Architects work on your Projects

    Graduate Architects work on your Projects

    All Jobs or Projects are handled by graduate Architects & Engineers who can understand and comprehend client’s inputs well. They are not blind tracers. We are often required to refer to a whole set of varied inputs that include, Google Earth, Photographs, CAD Drawings, PDF and so on. Drawings can contain not just floor plans, but also Details. BimSrv’s team can sift through all these and quickly grasp and visualize in 3D what all is required to convert 2D information and photographs into accurate 3D Revit Models.

  • Project Based Assignment

    Project Based Assignment

    BimSrv can work on an hourly rate on a Project or a Job basis. Typically, BimSrv sends you a proposal for the job or project based on inputs a Client sends in. This may be in the form of project drawings or references of a similar project to provide enough information that enables time estimation. BimSrv has an online real-time time tracking accessible to the client. In addition, for longer term projects, periodical time sheets are submitted.
  • Dedicated Staff

    Dedicated Staff

    BimSrv can provide dedicated staff on a monthly fee basis with a guaranteed number of hours per month. The dedicated staff is almost under your direct control and guidance and BimSrv provides management control, training and any training that may be required to fill in the gaps that may not be practical of feasible from a remote principal.
    Typically, the hourly rate of Dedicated staff is around 20% less than a job to job basis. As a Client, you can decide the kind of experience and skills that you would need and select staff on that basis. If required, the staff is specially trained for your needs at BimSrv’s exclusive cost.
  • Virtual Studio Engagement

    Virtual Studio Engagement

    Virtual Studio is an extension of Dedicated Staff option. Primary difference is how BimSrv team works with your team and how a virtually seamless integration is achieved. Just like Dedicated Staff option, there’s a dedicated team that is selected based on your criteria. And if needed they’re trained specifically for your kind of projects and are made aware of all standards and codes that need to be followed.

*90% Accuracy Guarantee

BimSrv Gurantees 90% accuracy. This implies a 90% accuracy in work submitted. Any inaccuracies of 10% are corrected at no additional cost. Further, if higher percentage of inaccuracies are found, BimSrv will not only waver time spend for the inaccuracies, but will reduce the overall cost by double the amount for the inaccuracy percentage.