Work Process


Each Client’s needs and Expectations are different from one to another. In addition, each project type requires its own set of procedures and protocols. However, a typical Project workflow involves the following steps:

  • Input Analysis: This involves an analysis of all the inputs received from you. These may include, drawings, references, documents etc.
  • Define Project Goals & Objectives: Project Objectives and expectations are set right at the begining. This defines the scope and responsibilities as well.
  • Collaboration Protocol: This defines, how you or your team works with our team. Being geographicaly dispersed across time zones, and cultural differences, this is one of the critical factors in a project’s success. Collaboration Protocol may include:
    • Document Exchange
    • Review Cycles & Methodology
    • Communications processes and platforms
  • Timelines & Schedules: Define Stages of submittals and deadllines.

 Engagement Models

We have a range of engament models that include:

  • Fixed Fee: Fixed fee is based on the inputs with Project Details along with a  sample project that indicates what is expected of us and defines our Scope of Work. This is suitable for projects that have clearly defined Project Objectives, Standards and Scope of work. An example of this may be a CD Set.
  • Hourly Rate: An hourly rate is based on the type and complexity of a project as well as the Scope of Work. Defining this helps us estimate the skills needed, the team needed. an Hourly Rate fee is suitable for projects where it is difficult to estimate effort involved. An example of this may be Early Design Stages where we are involved in Architectural Design Support services.

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