• Paper to CAD Conversion Services

    BimSrv provides accurate paper to CAD Conversion services. BimSrv employs experienced Architects, who can understand drawings clearly and interpolate missing or unclear information in old scanned drawings to produce accurate CAD Drawings. There is no automatic process involved. All conversion is carried out manualy to provide you with the highest possible accuracy.

    Drawings are produced as per your CAD Standards or as per AIA CAD Standards so that it becomes seamlessly integrated with your Project Drawings.

    Paper to CAD Conversion Services
  • Image to CAD Conversion Services

    Image to CAD Conversion Services

    BimSrv can convert Photographs/images or even Google Earth to accurate CAD Drawings. Experienced Architects understand buildings and are able to accurately convert images or photographs to accurate CAD Drawings.

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  • I do want to thank you for all your efforts and I hope this is just the beginning. There is still a long ways to go but I feel like progress has really been made in terms of quality and effectiveness and most importantly mindfulness of the practice of Architecture by the BimSrv team.

    Kent F. Utsurogi  AIA, LEED® AP


  • I am very impressed by your companies professionalism and look forward for a successful to our long term professional relations. I would like to thank you for helping me submit the .. Design Development Structural package to my clients. I have received good feed back thanks to your good work.

    Hasan S. Arouri

    P.E.Principal-Structural Engineer

  • Congratulations to you and your team on a fantastic deliverable. Our team here is impressed with the thoroughness and timeliness of the deliverable received. We will certainly contact your company again for future projects, and may have additional work on this project as it develops. Will be in touch.

    Jeffrey Warren, AIA

    Senior Project Architect