PDF to Revit Conversion

Case Studies


The Project was an office Building built in the late sixties and over the period, seismic upgrades were provided.
This case Study shows how BimSrv built an accurate Revit Model from PDFs and reference photographs using multiple and complex sources of information that required a thorough Architectural as well as Structural understanding along with an understanding of US Construction methods to interpret the complex set of drawings and build an accurate Revit Model.


CAD to Revit

Client provided both Architecture & Structural 2D Drawings and the model had to be built using the two sets of drawings as well as 2D Architectural & Structural Details. The challenge was to interpret 2D Architectural as Well as structural drawings and construction details to build an accurate 3D Revit Model.


CAD to Revit

All inputs, the PDF Drawings were studied by the team in detail before starting the Model. All drawings were to be read and not traced to minimize inaccuracies. As with any other Revit Project, Grids & Levels were to be set. All Wall types were to be modeled based on Details available. Some of these had to be custom built. pre-existing Revit families for a few structural elements were not available and had to be custom developed.


CAD to Revit Conversion

An Integrated Revit Architecture & Structure model was built based on Client’s inputs as well as well thought out strategy. This resulted in 100% accurate model that was delivered and the Client did not have to send back even a single markup and was completely satisfied.