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Custom Revit Template creation services developed using best practices and global standards

Custom Revit Templates Services

What are Revit Templates

Revit Templates are special Revit files that have commonly used Revit families, Drafting Standards and other settings pre-loaded. Pre-loading, Revit families and Drafting settings has multiple advantages:

  • Saves time: To search and load the right families needed for a project. Ensures correct set of parameters to be used.
  • Improves accuracy: Relatively lower skilled persons can produce a high quality model and drawings with fewer errors.
  • Ensures Compliance: Makes it easy to comply with Drafting Standards

    Revit Templates can be created for each discipline and for each project type. For example, a Revit  Architectural Residential Template may have a staircase that may be 3’ wide with 8” Max Riser and 10” Minimum Riser as per code requirement. A separate Revit Architectural Template may be created for Commercial Buildings that may have a 4’ wide staircase with 6” Riser and 12” Tread to comply with code requirements for Commercial Buildings.

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