Architectural Construction Documentation Services

High Quality, fully coordinated Construction Drawings, Details and BOQ

Architectural Construction Documentation Services

BimSrv has the expertise and experience of providing high-quality Architectural Construction Documentation Services. Our team of experienced Architects, convert your Design Drawings to fully coordinated Construction Drawings, Construction Details, Schedules & Bill of Quantities. We deliver the entire CD Set to your office standards.

Architectural Construction Drawings (CD Sets)

BimSrv’s experienced Architects can quickly comprehend your Architectural Design Intent. This understanding of your Design Intent, helps us develop Construction Drawings with minimal inputs from you. Our team of Architects have the required skills to work on Revit or AutoCAD to match your preferences and your Drawing Standards.

With over 100 years of Management Team’s combined domain experience we have been delivering comprehensive Construction Documentation to clients globally. We have developed a work process to ensure a successful collaboration process. Our work process ensures clear & precise Project Communication, Document Exchange as well as review cycles.

Our work process involves in-house training, automation, specially developed checklists and multiple internal reviews. The entire process is designed to ensure error free delivery.


Work Process

The steps involved in our work process defines:

  • Documentation Objectives
  • Scope of Work & Deliverables
  • Review Process, Cycles & Delivery Schedules
  • Communications Protocol
  • Document Exchange & Version Control

Documentation Objectives

Design Documentation especially for Construction Drawings may have varying objectives ranging from Bid to final delivery of the CD set to Contractors. Objectives for creating Architectural Construction Drawings may include:

Schedules and Bill of Materials.
Schedules, Bill of Materials & Bill of Quantities for Architectural, Civil and Concrete
Multi-Disciplinary Schedules, Bill of Materials & Bill of Quantities for Architectural, Civil and Concrete, Rebars, and MEP elements.
These objectives may even go beyond to become a part of the BIM Process. One of the advantages of producing Construction Drawings on Revit, is its ability to generate Data. This is critical data that is used by different agencies and during different stages of a Project. Revit Model created to produce the CD set, can be adapted to create a Model with higher level of detail. This higher level of detail generates the required data.

BimSrv delivers CD Sets done on Revit, that are not just drawings. They are data rich models that are capable of generating the data needed for your project

Scope of Work & Deliverables

BimSrv offers a whole range of engagement models with varying Scope of Services. This may include:

  • Architectural Drafting Services
  • Virtual Design Studio and Design Assistance

Architectural Drafting Services include traditional Drawing and Drafting Services. All Drawings and Details are done based on Client’s drawings, layouts and details.

Virtual Design Studio and Design Assistance is a solution, that creates a Virtual Organization. This is where Architects at BimSrv studio work with you and your guidance. They suggest Design and layout solutions for your review.

BimSrv’s Scope of work gets defined by the type of engagement model. In addition, it gets defined by the deliverables.  

Special Revit Modeling Services

Revit Consulting & Implementation Services

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