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Outsource Architectural Documentation

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Outsource Complete Architectural Documentation

Outsource Architectural Documentation. BimSrv provides you complete Architectural Documentation services for all stages of Design. We provide 2D & 3D Architectural Presentations including 2D Drawings, 3D Views, 3D Renderings, Walkthroughs and VR Renderings for SD & DD Sets.


Outsource Architectural Presentation Drawings

BimSrv provides you a complete set of Presentation Drawings that include 2D Drawings, 3D Views, 3D Renderings, Walkthroughs and Virtual Reality (VR) for your SD and DD sets.

Outsource Permit Sets

BimSrv’s Architectural Team is familiar with the US Standards for Permit Set and is able to produce a complete set with minimal inputs from you. Coordination with Structural & MEP Consultants’ Drawings is part of BimSrv Standard Services for Permit Sets. We save your time and deliver a complete set of Drawings and most cost-effective rates

Outsource Construction Drawings (CD Sets)

Outsource Construction Drawings (CD Sets)


Revit MEP Models from virtualy any source information you provide or continue development of the model you provide.

As-Built | Revit Conversion



Revit MEP Documentation & Drafting services that include Plans, 3D Views, System Diagrams & Schedules.

Schematic Drawings | Permit Drawings | Construction Drawings


MEP including Shop Drawings on a whole rage of Projects including, Institutional, Industrial, Commercial & Residential Projects

Parts & Assembly Drawings | Schedules

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