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5D BIM Services

3D BIM Model + Time Simulation + Model-based Quantity Take-Off. BimSrv’s 5D BIM Services combines 3D BIM Model with Time simulation and Model-based Quantity Take-off.

Coordination & Clash Detection

BimSrv’s Coordination and Clash Detection Services combines Models from Architecture, Structure and MEP disciplines to identify Clashes. Clash Detection enables Architecture & Engineering companies to save substantial costs and reduce construction issues that arise due to Clashes between elements from different disciplines.

Quantity Take-Off

LOD 500 BIM Models are used for Quantity Take-Off. Building elements are linked to Quantity. This enables accurate Quantity Take-Off. If cost information is provided BimSrv can deliver detailed cost as well.

Construction Simulation

Construction simulation adds time to Building elements and Construction Process.


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