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Scan to BIM Services

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Our Scan to BIM modelling services offers solution to vast number of sectors that comprises of architects, retailers, engineers and other contractors who are a part of a building project. With our highly advanced Scan to BIM modelling system, we empower latest technology in converting laser survey and cloud point data into sophisticated 3D BIM models that are compiled from rapid processing of millions of data points and images that produces accurate models for building or renovation project. The existing BIM models are integrated with the new and renovated models to create the required structure with the help of measuring tools.


Revit MEP Models from virtualy any source information you provide or continue development of the model you provide.

As-Built | Revit Conversion



Revit MEP Documentation & Drafting services that include Plans, 3D Views, System Diagrams & Schedules.

Schematic Drawings | Permit Drawings | Construction Drawings


MEP including Shop Drawings on a whole rage of Projects including, Institutional, Industrial, Commercial & Residential Projects

Parts & Assembly Drawings | Schedules

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