Revit Permit Sets

Coordination | Code Compliance

Permit Sets

BimSrv is experienced in producing these submittal sets for various regions and countries including United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

BimSrv provides you a full set of Permit Sets as per your standards complete with all the required Schedules, Code Plans coordinated with all your Consultants drawings.

Coordination with Consultant Drawings

BimSrv coordinates with drawings from Consultants including Civil, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers to produce coordinated Permit Sets. Any clashes or coordination issues are communicated to resolve issues prior to submittal of permit sets.


Code Compliance Sheets

BimSrv has experience with International Building Code & California Energy Code as well as with several state codes

Code Compliance sheets are produced based on relevant codes provided by the Client as well as sample Permit sets.

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