Revit Presentations

Concept Presentation | DD Sets

BimSrv provides Revit Presentation Drawings including Architectural Renderings, 3D Views, 3D Renderings and 2D Views for your Concept Presentations and Design Development (DD Sets) Presentations.

Revit Presentation Drawings

Architectural Presentations | Architectural Renderings | 3D Views

Presentation Drawings are amongst the most crucial documents that help you stand out in a crowd and win you projects. BimSrv Provides Revit Presentation Drawings for all Pre-Construction stages including Concept or SD Stage and DD Stage

Presentation Drawings

BimSrv Provides 3D Renderings, 3D Sectional Views, 3D Axonometric Plans and Virtual Reaty 360 views


Architectural Presentations | Drawings | Renderings

Your first Concept Presentation can be a make or break situation. BimSrv will fully suport you through this stage. We’ll build full 3D Revit Models based on your sketches or AutoCAD Drawings. We’ll provide you all you’lll need. Develop Presentation Boards on Revit or Photoshop,a Powerpoint Presentation or a Video Presentation. Video Presentations may include Slide Show or a Revit generated Walkthrough complete with annotations and your background narration or music.

DD (Design Development) Sets

BimSrv will work with you in developing your Design. Making changes and adding more detail in terms of finishes, materials, fittings & fixtures as you go along. BimSrv will develop all the schedules, coordinate with your Consultants and produce a coordinated set of Drawings & Presentations.


Renderings in Revit & 3D Studio Max

Walkthrough & VR

Revit Walkthrough & Virtual Reality/ 360 Panorama.

3D Plans & Elevations

2D & 3D Axonometric Rendered Views including perspective Sections

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