Revit Architectural Modeling

Modeling |Custom Families | Conversion

BimSrv provides complete and accurate Revit Architecture Modeling services and provides complete and accurate 3D BIM Models including Custom Revit Families that may be required to develop accurate BIM Models at most cost effective Rates. BimSrv provides 3D BIM Models can be developed to LOD 450 specifications

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Revit Architecture Modeling Services

BimSrv provides comprehensive Revit Architecture Modeling Services, that include Revit Architecture Models, Revit Custom Families or Revit Drafting & Documentation. BimSrv can convert your legacy Details to Revit Architecture and help you build a complete Revit Details Library, ready for use in any Project. BimSrv provides Revit Conversion Services to convert from virtually any source to a full 3D Revit (BIM) Model. Provide us legacy CAD Drawings or old scanned TIFF Files or Point Cloud, we’ll convert these old Drawings or Point Cloud Scans for your next Project.

Revit Architecture Conversion Services

BimSrv converts your CAD Drawings to 3D Revit Architecture (BIM) Models. Use the BIM models to get accurate quantities, coordinate with Engineering Consultants. Have old drawings scanned to PDFs or TIFF? BimSrv will convert them to BIM models for your remodeling or Renovation Project.


Revit Architecture Models from virtually any source information you provide or continue development of the model you provide.

As Built Revit Models | Revit Conversion



Revit Architecture Documentation through all stages of your Project, from Concept to Construction

Presentation Drawings | Permit Drawings | Construction Drawings


Coordination with inputs from Consultants & Vendors. These inputs could be in Revit, CAD or PDF. Experienced Architects at BimSrv can comprehend it all and coordinate.

Civil | Structural | MEP | Code Compliance Check | Vendor Submittals

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