• CAD to Revit Conversion Services

    BimSrv Provides comprehensive CAD to Revit Conversion Services. CAD to Revit Conversion is not an automatic process but is a completely manual process. CAD Drawings are imported or linked to a Revit Project and are used as a background to model Building Elements such as Walls, Doors & Windows, Structural Elements or MEP Elements to create a complete 3D Revit Model.

    In order to create a Complete Revit Model, CAD Drawings are often required to be coordinated with other disciplines. Experienced Architects at BimSrv are able to comprehend all inputs and can accurately create fully coordinated 3D Revit Model.

    There are times when you want your CAD Details or other 2D elements to be converted to Revit format. BimSrv utilizes advanced techniqques to accurately convert the 2D elements to Revit 2D elements and retain all line weights, line styles as well as text fonts. 

    Read blog on Tips on inserting DWG to Revit 

  • Paper to Revit Conversion Services

    BimSrv provides accurate Paper to Revit Conversion Services. Experienced Architects with comprehensive understanding of Buildings & Construction work on your Paper to Revit Conversion job and not Revit Technicians who have little understanding of Buildings.

    There may be times when scans of old buildings may not be clear or readable. These experienced Architects can read through the PDF of TIFF drawings and understand the overall building and are able to interpolate information from the drawing set that you provide. They can coordinate between disciplines and collate information available in the set of drawings to produce accurate As Built Revit models from TIFF, JPG or PDF files. 

    Paper to Revit Conversion Services
  • Image to Revit Conversion Services

    Image to Revit Conversion Services

    Experienced Architects at BimSrv are able to develop accurate 3D Revit Models from Photographs and even Google Earth and without any CAD or paper drawings. With an understanding of Buildings & Proportions, Architects at BimSrv are able to accuratly build the models even without any dimensional information. They are able to Read and measure accurately straight from images and Google Earth.

    Read a Case Study on how BimSrv developed a full set of 3D Models, including the Site Topography. 

  • Revit Models in Architecture, Structure & MEP including Revit Construction Modeling to LOD 500 AIA Specifications

    Architecture | Structure | MEP | Parts | Shop Drawings |
  • Revit Conversion Services from virtually any source. We'll build complete and accurate 3D Revit Model that includes:

    CAD to Revit | Paper to Revit | Image to Revit 
  • Revit Customization to enable consistency, accuracy and speed in your Projects. We'll develop Custom Templates that include custiomized modeling environment.

    Custom Templates | Details Library | Component Libraries |
  • Custom Revit Families/ Components for Architects, Engineers & Product Manufacturers. We'll develop Revit Families ranging from Door/ Windows to MEP components for manufaturers.

    Custom Families | Parametric Families

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  • I do want to thank you for all your efforts and I hope this is just the beginning. There is still a long ways to go but I feel like progress has really been made in terms of quality and effectiveness and most importantly mindfulness of the practice of Architecture by the BimSrv team.

    Kent F. Utsurogi  AIA, LEED® AP


  • I am very impressed by your companies professionalism and look forward for a successful to our long term professional relations. I would like to thank you for helping me submit the .. Design Development Structural package to my clients. I have received good feed back thanks to your good work.

    Hasan S. Arouri

    P.E.Principal-Structural Engineer

  • Congratulations to you and your team on a fantastic deliverable. Our team here is impressed with the thoroughness and timeliness of the deliverable received. We will certainly contact your company again for future projects, and may have additional work on this project as it develops. Will be in touch.

    Jeffrey Warren, AIA

    Senior Project Architect