Services for Architects

BimSrv offers specialized services for Architects to support you through all stages of Design, from Concept to Construction. BimSrv acts as your own Virtual Studio and enables you to concentrate on your core skills : Design, Client Relations, Contract Management and Business Expansion.

BimSrv can support you through all stages of Design to Construction Documents delivering all you would need. BimSrv's experienced team of Architects works with your team to develop Design Documentation & Presentations. BimSrv has been working with architects in the US, UK, South America,Ireland and India to deliver a full range of Architectural Documentation and BIM solutions.

BimSrv team of Architects work with you performing tasks that Architects in your local studio would.

Schematic Stage

BimSrv can begin work with minimal inputs from you. You can provide us your Sketches, CAD Drawings or a Revit Model, we will deliver full range of Documents & Presentations that includes:

  • Presentation Drawings
  • Design Options
  • Solar Studies
  • Schedules & Quantities

DD (Design Development) Stage

As your Design moves to the next level of Design, BimSrv delivers full set of Presentation Drawings & Documents including:

  • Colored Presentation Drawings
  • Photoshop Presentation Boards
  • Photo-realistic 3D Max Renderings
  • Schedules & Quantities

CD (Construction Drawings) Stage

BimSrv develops a full set of Construction Drawings based on your final Designs and delivered to your Standards. The set of Drawings BimSrv delivers include:

  • Construction Drawings
  • Construction Details
  • Schedules & Quantities
  • Coordination with Engineering Drawings from Consultants
  • Coordination with Shop Drawings submitted by specialty contractors

Whether you have already moved on to Revit, or working in AutoCAD, our delivery model is customized to your needs. We can deliver Revit Models based on your Sketches or CAD Drawings. Our deliverables can go beyond just CAD Drawings, to 3D Photo-realistic Renderings, 3D Sketchup Models & Views. We even deliver presentation in Photoshop Boards or as images for your Client Presentations.