Services for Construction Companies

Construction Companies benefit the most from our BIM and 5D Planning Services. You do not need even a single license of Revit or Navisworks as BimSrv will deliver all you need for virtual construction enabling you to concentrate on your core skills : Contract Management, Client Acquisition and Business expansion.

How BimSrv can help you?

During the initial tendering stage of a project we provide the Contractor with means to visually show a client how he intends to construct the project, and what considerations he has provided for within his design and price that best suit the clients’ needs. BimSrv’s precise and accurate quantity take offs help you gain competitive edge, increase profitability by reducing wastage and better inventory control.

By having a virtual presentation of the project available on a laptop, the contractor can share BIM information with the project's owner and make any necessary changes on the spot. Revisions take place in the computer not on the job site and help eliminate costly downtime and material reorders in the field. We can create a Revit Construction Model even from 2D CAD Drawings that Architects & Engineers provide. BimSrv will coordinate all drawings from all disciplines by developing an Integrated Revit Model. BimSrv provides you with a walkthrough of this integrated model which enables you to view it all inside out: Architecture, Structure & Systems. Link all Building Elements to Cost & Time and you have a 5D Model.

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