• Your own offshore Studio

    BimSrv Outsourcing services provides everything you'd expect from your own Studio: Design Support, Presentation Drawings, 3D Views, CAD Drafting & Revit Modeling, Code Compliance checks, Coordination with Project Consultants & Vendors, BimSrv Provides it all. You get support all through your Project life-cycle in your office.

    BimSrv works with AEC Professionals like you, whether you're an Architect, Engineer, Contractor or a Developer, BimSrv works with you and integrates with your workflow. Read a Case Study on how BimSrv set up a Virtual Studio for an award winning Chicago Architect.

    Your own offshore Studio
  • Design Drawings & Presentations

    Services for Preliminary Design Stages from Conceptualization to Design Devlopment stage. BimSrv delivers
    As Built Drawings | CAD or Revit Conversion | Presentation Drawings | 3D Views | Schedules | Solar Studies
  • Permit Drawings & Documents

    BimSrv provides complete set of Permit documents as per your standards and local area needs. 
    Code Compliance Sheets | Schedules | Coordination | Plans, Sections, Elevations | Construction Details
  • Construction Drawings

    Bimsrv delivers complete set of Construction Drawings and coordinate inputs from your Consultants Drawings. 
    Construction Drawings | Construction Details | Coordinate Consultants' Drawings | Code Compliance Check
  • Construction Coordination

    Check out code & Standards Compliance, as well as check & Coordinate Vendor Submittals.
    Construction | Coordinate Vendor Shop Drawings | Draft Shop Drawings | Standards Compliance Checks | Drawing Revisions

BimSrv grew by over 175% in the year 2016 as compared to 2015.

crmThanks to the our Clients' satisfaction & confidence. 

BimSrv is able to develop long term professionals relations with its clients that is possible only with quality of services delivered. Majority of work at BimSrv is through a continuous flow of work from our existing Clients. This long term relationship enables BimSrv to develop and train dedicated teams for each Client and therefore is able to deliver work on time, exactly as per Client's standards and satisfaction.

Average length of such relations is currently 5 years indicating Client satisfaction & quality of service provided by BimSrv. Satisfied Clients refer us to other professionals or their consultants.

60% of our new Clients are through referals from existing Clients.


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  • I do want to thank you for all your efforts and I hope this is just the beginning. There is still a long ways to go but I feel like progress has really been made in terms of quality and effectiveness and most importantly mindfulness of the practice of Architecture by the BimSrv team.

    Kent F. Utsurogi  AIA, LEED® AP


  • I am very impressed by your companies professionalism and look forward for a successful to our long term professional relations. I would like to thank you for helping me submit the .. Design Development Structural package to my clients. I have received good feed back thanks to your good work.

    Hasan S. Arouri

    P.E.Principal-Structural Engineer

  • Congratulations to you and your team on a fantastic deliverable. Our team here is impressed with the thoroughness and timeliness of the deliverable received. We will certainly contact your company again for future projects, and may have additional work on this project as it develops. Will be in touch.

    Jeffrey Warren, AIA

    Senior Project Architect