As-Built Revit Modelling Services

As-Built Revit Modelling and Drafting Services


As-Built Revit Modelling and Drafting Services

Bimsrv provides clients in various industries the comprehensive As-Built Revit modelling and drafting services. Our accomplished experts are dedicated to producing precise, high-quality models that satisfy each project’s requirements.

A precise digital model of a building or structure in its existing state is created as part of our As-Built Revit modelling and drafting services. We produce BIM models with precise measurements, materials, and layouts using BIM Building Information Modelling with BIM Modelling software, such as Revit. It lets our clients decide wisely on future construction projects, updates, and renovations.

Since we know every project is distinct, we collaborate with our clients to comprehend their needs and goals. We offer a variety of deliverables, such as 2D drawings, 3D models, and BIM models, all of which are made to be simple to incorporate into our clients’ workflows.

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Revit Architecture Modelling Services

Bimsrv provides a whole range of Revit Modelling Services. This includes:

Our As-built BIM Drawing Services

To help clients accurately depict the existing state of a building or infrastructure, BIMSrv offers As-Built BIM drawing services. Project management, design, and rehabilitation initiatives can benefit from using as-built BIM drawings because they accurately depict the current building. Our skilled engineers and drafters use the latest technology and tools to produce accurate As-Built BIM drawings. We ensure our customers obtain precise, accurate, high-quality drawings within the allotted time.



As-built Modelling Services

As-built modelling services involve using approx measurements and data acquired from the site to create a digital 3D modelling of an existing building or structure. This model is created utilising sophisticated software, such as Revit, to generate an accurate 3D model that can be utilised for several purposes, including renovation, retrofitting, and facility management. At BIMSrv, we provide As-built Modelling Services to aid in effectively managing our clients’ building projects. Our team of professionals delivers precise and high-quality As-built models that satisfy the unique needs of our clients using cutting-edge technology and industry best practices.


As-built Facility Management

Facility management utilizes As-built BIM Modelling in addition to construction and planning. This entails managing a structure throughout its lifespan. As-built BIM models offer a digital twin of a building’s structural and functional attributes and important data. Facility managers use this information to plan maintenance, manage assets, and spot possible issues. Managers can guarantee effective and secure operations using As-Built BIM modelling for facility management, leading to long-term cost savings and better performance. 



As-Built Drafting Services

As-Built Drawing Services entail the production of precise and comprehensive 2D drawings of an existing building using measurements and data acquired on the site. These drawings provide a visual representation and can be used to build documentation and guide upcoming initiatives.

BIMSrv provides As-Built Drawing Services to assist our clients in managing and remodelling their projects more effectively. Our team of professionals produces precise and high-quality As-Built drawings that satisfy the unique needs of our clients using cutting-edge technology and industry best practices.

Advantages of As-Built Drawings

As-built drawings are essential to any building project due to their many benefits. The following are a few of the main advantages of as-built drawings:

1. Enhanced Accuracy

As-built drawings offer exact measurements of existing structures, allowing clients to plan their construction projects precisely.

2. Enhanced Effectiveness

As-built drawings give architects the information they need to decide swiftly and effectively, which can boost project execution efficiency.

3. Lower Chance of Mistakes and Delays

As-built drawings allow the architects to spot problems before they become serious, which helps lower the risk of mistakes and delays.

4. Enhanced Cooperation and Communication

As-built drawings let project participants communicate and work together more efficiently, which can improve project results.

5. More Effective Asset Management

As-built drawings give a precise picture of the current building, which can assist clients in effectively managing their assets.

Why Outsource As-Built Service to BIMsrv?

For clients, outsourcing As-built services to BIMSrv might have many advantages. The following are many of the main justifications why customers ought to think about outsourcing As-built services to BIMSrv:

1. Cost-Effective

It is less expensive for clients to outsource As-built services to BIMSrv since they do not need to purchase pricey technology and equipment.

2. Quick Delivery

An experienced team of engineers and drafters at BIMSrv can complete projects in the allotted period.

3. Accuracy and Precision

The team is highly focused on accuracy and precision to deliver top-notch services.

4. Expertise

With years of industry expertise, Bimsrv guarantees projects that meet all quality standards and are executed on time.

5. Excellent Job

With an emphasis on accuracy and precision, and years of expertise, BIMSrv ensures that all projects are executed to the highest standards.

6. Prioritise your Core Competencies

Clients can concentrate on their core skills while BIMSrv handles the As-built needs by outsourcing As-built services to BIMSrv.

7. Lower Risk

A team of knowledgeable experts at BIMSrv can spot possible problems before they become problems, lowering the likelihood of errors.

Clients can improve the quality and accuracy of their projects while saving time and money by outsourcing As-built services to BIMSrv. Our skilled engineers and drafters can produce precise and comprehensive As-built models and BIM drawings using the most recent tools and technologies. Our clients may rest easy knowing that our services are affordable and that projects will be delivered on time.

Outsource As-built BIM Modeling Services to BIMSrv

For clients, BIMSrv offers complete As-built BIM Modeling Services. Our skilled engineers and drafters can provide precise and comprehensive As-built models with the most recent techniques and technologies. Our services can help clients complete their tasks more accurately and with higher quality while saving time and money. We guarantee prompt project delivery, giving our clients peace of mind. To learn more about our As-built BIM Modeling Services, get in touch with us right away.


What is an As-Built model, and how is it used in the construction industry?

A digital representation of a building or structure that faithfully captures its physical attributes following construction or renovation is known as an “As-built model.” To assure compliance, support facility management, and ease upcoming alterations or maintenance tasks, it is utilised in the construction sector for documentation, verification, and comparison against the original design.

What are the benefits of using As-Built services for construction projects?

There are many advantages to using As-Built services in construction projects. Assists in compliance verification, supports facility management and maintenance, helps with future modifications or renovations, reduces errors, improves communication, and increases project efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It also provides accurate documentation of the final constructed conditions.

How does an As-Built model differ from other BIM models, and what additional information does it provide?

Since it depicts the conditions built, an As-Built model varies from conventional BIM models, often reflecting the design intent. As-Built models offer further data, including variations from the original design, actual measurements, material quantities, and information about the building process.

How is data collected and processed for an As-Built model, and what tools are used?

An As-Built model’s data is gathered through photogrammetry, laser scanning, or field surveys. Software technologies like CAD (Computer-Aided Design), point cloud processing, and BIM modelling software are then used to process the obtained data. These technologies aid in transforming the gathered data into a digital representation of the as-built model.

How accurate is the data obtained for an As-Built model, and what steps are taken to ensure its quality and reliability?

The data gatherings technique, such as laser scanning or field surveys, affects the accuracy of the information received for an As-Built model. Laser scanning can obtain high-precision measurements, usually within a few millimetres. The As-Built model data is subjected to quality assurance procedures, such as control point checks, registration validation, and data verification.

What common challenges are associated with creating an As-Built model, and how can they be overcome?

Creating an As-Built model might be complicated by factors like erroneous or insufficient paperwork, restricted access to the building site, and the requirement for qualified experts. In-depth field surveys, laser scanning, or photogrammetry, effective data processing procedures, coordination with project stakeholders, and financial investment in training and skills are required to overcome these obstacles.


3D Virtual Building Model

Our expert Modellers develop high-quality Revit Architecture Models. These can be simple small Residential Projects or complex Hospital Projects. Bimsrv saves you from duplication of effort. You provide only a minimal set of drawings in the form of sketches or CAD Drawings. Our Architects build up on your sketches or the minimal CAD. 


Revit Conversion Services

Experts at Bimsrv convert a wide range of inputs to a full 3D Revit Model. Your input can include:

  • CAD Drawings
  • PDF Drawings
  • Images, coupled with Field Notes
  • Laser Scan Data

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