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Careers at BimSrv

BimSrv has multiple Job openings and offers Careers for experienced Professionals. Select the one that matches your education, skills, and experience.

Working at BimSrv

BimSrv is an open environment friendly work place. At BimSrv, we believe that a knowledge based organisations growth is always linked to an individual’s growth. With this philosophy in mind, everyone is encouraged and rewarded to learn new methods, techniques as well as be aware of the latest developments in Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry globally.

Salary, Recognition & Awards

BimSrv believes in providing salary that makes employees happy and provides among the best growth opportunities in the Industry. In addition to salary, everyone is given an opportunity to improve. BimSrv provides all learning resources, both in terms of physical books in our library as well as online resources. Training is an integral part of our day to day work and everyone is encouraged to learn on their own like a typical Studio environment. As, you grow and prove yourself, BimSrv recognizes your efforts and you are rewarded with periodical incentives, awards & certificates. Getting a reward for a particular period does not preclude you from getting a reward and incentive in the next period. If you consistently improve, you could even earn a lot more than your 12 months salary.

Architectural Openings


0-2 Years Post Internship Experience

Graduate Architects or Diploma in Architectural Assistantship You will be required to produce drawings & presentations for all stages of Design, right from Concept to Construction Drawings/ Working Drawings. Your day-to-day work will require, reading and understanding sketches and drawings sent in by BimSrv Clients as well as directly interact with them. You may also be require to study applicable building codes, Client’s Office Drawings Standards and incorporate them in your deliverables.

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BIM Modelers

BIM Modelers

2-3 Years Post Internship Experience

Graduate Architects, Engineers or Diploma Holders. BYou will be required to Produce BIM Models in Revit, use Navisworks to perform Clash Detection, Simulation and Quantification.

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Structural Modellers

2-3 Years Post Internship Experience

BE/B Tech, Civil Diploma Experience in Revit Structural Modeling & Documentation. Familiarity with US Construction methods, detailing & Drawing Standards is essential.

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Content Writers

Content Writers

0-2 Years experience in Content Writing, Blogs, Newsletter

Graduate in any Discipline, with excellent command over written English. You would be required to write content for BimSrv and its associated websites, Social Media as well as Newsletters. Learn More & Apply

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